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Beauty Benefits of Ice Cube On Face

This facial therapy from the East is ideal to take care of your face, keeping it young, smooth and free of acne and blemishes on the face. Also, you can do it yourself and it’s very cheap!

Ice facial treatment is a well-known skincare routine in eastern countries, due to its many benefits. In fact, ice is one of the most used natural elements in natural cosmetics. Applying cold to your face helps rejuvenate the skin, delays the formation of wrinkles, is effective against acne, remove blemishes on the face and improves circulation to the face, acting on inflammation of puffy eyes.

How to apply it?

To do an ice facial, you only need two ice cubes and a cotton towel or handkerchief. You can do it in the morning and at night, or only once a day. It should be done after your facial cleansing routine so that it acts on a face as clean as possible. Wrap the ice in the cotton towel, when it begins to melt and the fabric becomes wet, apply it to the different areas of the face, making circular movements for two minutes for each area: jaw and chin, forehead, cheeks, and nose, having special care in the eye area. Finally, apply your usual hydration treatment.

Benefits of Ice Facial

  • It is an effective acne treatment, as it acts as a tonic, closing open pores due to excess sebum and dirt on the skin. It is ideal to do it before makeup, as this prevents it from getting into your pores, helping to make the foundation easier to apply and look smoother and flawless.
  • It rejuvenates and prevents wrinkles. The facial treatment with ice tones the facial skin, giving it softness and giving it a smoother and rejuvenated appearance. In addition, it helps to fade wrinkles and prevents their appearance.
  • Improves skin blemishes. It helps to deflate pimples and soothe skin irritations. In addition, it improves and even removes skin blemishes. Apply it directly to the inflamed area for several seconds. Repeat once or twice a day.
  • It improves the circulation of the facial skin, since the cold constricts the blood vessels, reducing any inflammation since a greater flow of hot blood is sent to the treated area.
  • It works on puffy eyes, reducing their inflammation. It is important that you be especially careful in this area, inserting the ice in a soft cotton towel and massaging very carefully and without applying pressure.

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