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Natural Remedies for Constipation

Do you constipate often? It hurts so much that it costs you to recover. Do not worry too much! It is a disease that is very treatable. There are natural remedies that will not cost you much and are quite effective. Constipation is a disease related to bad life habits. The solution is to change your habits for healthy lifestyle habits. You must have a balanced diet and drink enough liquid to allow you to eliminate your stool without any difficulty. If not, here is a list of some remedies and tips you can apply to fix your problem.

Fiber-rich foods – great for treating constipation

When our diet lacks fiber, it is normal to suffer from constipation. Foods rich in fiber have the role of allowing a better elimination of our food waste from our body. They are like pipe cleaners that absorb even small particles of food and waste in our digestive tract. When you have more fiber in your body, the volume of your stool increases and thus, you will no longer have to suffer from constipation. Constipation means that there is not enough stool and waste to pass. When you eat fiber, they will be softer, making them even easier to evacuate. For this reason, be sure to eat more high-fiber fruits and vegetables, such as beans, oats, lentils, almonds, barley, etc. You must consume at least 35 grams of fiber a day. Also eat whole grains like rice, pasta, and bread.

Consume prunes

Do you like prunes? It’s okay! And if you suffer from constipation, you should eat more. These fruits are considered natural laxatives and are quite effective. According to scientists, they contain dihydroxyphenylisatin and sorbitol. These, by stimulating your intestinal contractions, will help your body to evacuate all your food waste without any problem. Furthermore, as they are natural, they are suitable for both adults and children. Prunes are also high in fiber, ideal for constipation! If you don’t like prunes, also try plums, kiwis, or raspberries. They are equally effective against constipation.

Drink enough water – the key to fighting constipation!

Constipation can also be due to dehydration. Your body and all of your organs are not hydrated enough to have trouble clearing food waste. Normally, everyone should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. If you don’t have enough to measure your daily drink, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. It is equal to 1.5 to 2 liters. When you drink enough water, your stool will automatically soften and come out easily. However, I prefer mineral water over tap water. Mineral waters are rich in magnesium and are also mild and natural laxatives.

Take set times to go to the bathroom.

Yes, when you set hours for your needs, you are less likely to get constipated. Your body will get used to it and it won’t surprise you anymore. Go to the bathroom at the same time every day and take your time. Don’t rush while you are relieving yourself. It is bad for the health of your intestines. And a very important note too, when you want to go to the bathroom, even if it is not yet time, do not stop. This gesture will not only make you suffer from constipation but also from hemorrhoids.

Sport, a natural cure for constipation

Play sports and your constipation will go away on its own. It is not about doing strenuous weight training exercises. A simple walk of 15 to 30 minutes a day is enough. This will help increase your intestinal transit. Force yourself to move even if it will help your body evacuate all of your food waste. Sport is a gentle solution to effectively treat constipation. A sedentary lifestyle is not good for you. If you remain inactive, your muscles will not be able to firm up, not even your abdominal muscles. Regular physical activity will help you wake up.

Use of massage therapy

Massaging the belly is also a very good solution to relieve constipation pain. Constipation can also mean quite lazy intestines. To test them, massage your stomach. To do this, use only special massage essential oils. You have a choice between ginger, tarragon, lemon, verbenone, rosemary or basil essential oil. You can mix your oil with vegetable oil. 2 drops of its essential oil and 2 more of its vegetable oil will be enough to relieve your constipation. To be more effective, massage your belly clockwise. Repeat this action twice a day for about a week and you will understand how good the massage is. If your constipation is chronic enough, you can also choose to take your essential oil. With that, ask your doctor before eating anything so as not to further aggravate your problem.

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