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14 Day Lemon Water Challenge To Lose Weight

The Lemon Diet: Anyone who follows a detox diet knows the benefits of lemon and is amazed. In addition to helping you lose weight, lemon has countless properties to consider.

Drinking a glass of water with a few drops of lemon allows you to amplify the effects of any diet. Weight loss is accompanied by a rebalancing of the body: quintessential yellow citrus lowers blood pressure and reduces the appearance of tumors.

All this is scientifically proven: lemon accelerates the production of white blood cells and therefore increases immune defenses, helps to eliminate toxins, is effective in fighting indigestion and constipation (but also more complex situations such as general digestion and constipation ), decreases the pressure thanks to the potassium content.

Lemon, long life to natural remedies

Incredible but true, the list does not end there. Lemon is an excellent natural remedy against pain and arthritis, but it also contrasts free radicals and tumors. This all depends on the massive presence of flavonoids and limonoids (particularly concentrated in the skin). It is also useful to combat the symptoms of anemia and diabetes.

Lemon citric acid is a panacea against gallstones and kidney stones, while vitamin B3 strengthens blood vessels (proving to be a block against internal bleeding). The contribution to the flu, colds, nausea, and diarrhea is important.

Because it fluidizes and purifies the blood, lemon can help the liver in its normal activity, relieve respiratory problems thanks to the presence of vitamin C, fights toothaches, bad breath, and tooth enamel. In addition, it amplifies the absorption of the iron contained in foods such as green leafy vegetables and legumes.

The lemon diet works

Digging deeper into the topic of weight loss, lemon is effective both in reducing hunger and in keeping under control the mental stress that often accompanies a low-calorie diet.

The lemon diet usually consists of reducing the calorie intake in a sensible and balanced way, introducing the lemon in the different meals: as soon as you wake up you can drink a lemonade, like a small fruit salad seasoned with lemon, in the At lunch, you can squeeze the citrus into the salad, at dinner over the grilled fish or over the boiled vegetables. Before going to bed you can end the day with hot lemonade.

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