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How much should my baby weight according to his age

During the first months of life, a baby must gain weight. We solve the question of many dads and moms: How much should my baby weigh? Is it well-fed?

During the first months of life, a baby must gain weight progressively. If this does not happen, gain weight very slowly or even, if you lose weight, parents worry a lot. The question that always arises is the same: How much should my baby weight ?. In fact, it is one reason why parents often visit the pediatrician, the baby’s weight control.

What the baby weighs at birth

When a baby is born it weighs between 2,500 gr and 4,000 gr. If they drop below or exceed that weight, they can present a problem, so they have to be controlled.

An interesting and important fact that you should know is that all newborns lose weight during their first days of life. The mother’s milk supply does not occur until the second or third day after delivery. During that time, the mother produces what is known as colostrum, a substance that is rich in trace elements and other substances that is the only thing the baby needs in the first hours of life.

Her stomach is the size of a marble and she doesn’t need more food or hunger. A newborn can lose up to 10% of his weight in the first 2 or 3 days of life, but unless your pediatrician says otherwise, there is no need to worry or take any special measures, perhaps giving artificial milk. This, in addition, could cause some inconvenience if you have decided that you want to breastfeed your baby.

How much should my baby weigh?

Although every baby is different, weight gain is:

  • In the first six weeks of life: 20 grams/day (140 grams/week).
  • Between six weeks and four months: 100-200 grams/week.
  • When he is between four and six months old: 80-150 grams/week.
  • Between six and twelve months: 40-80 grams/week.

In relation to growth, and according to the pattern that each child is different, babies gain about 25 cm in their first year. At 4 years of age, they already reach a meter in length.

One last consideration: it is convenient to always weigh your baby on the same scale. There may be variations between scales that are misleading. If you are a mother and want o share your experience, then you can become a blogger and share your stories with the world.

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