Triceps Exercises and Biceps Exercises for Tone Arms

Here we are going to discuss triceps exercises and biceps exercises to tone your arms. Bodybuilding work in fitness rooms is the system that has been practiced for the most years in gyms. It is a method that takes more than 30 years as a training base for all kinds of people. Currently, and thanks to the publication of studies and adaptations, many aspects have changed in training modes. However, little has changed in traditional bodybuilding.

The classic treatment of hypertrophy with the division of muscle groups is still very common, and what surprises many specialists, with exercises based more on imitating bodybuilding icons than on scientific and physiological foundations that support them.

Muscle hypertrophy is the significant increase in muscle mass (1), and therefore, strength. It is a type of training recommended only for recovery periods after suffering an injury, cases in which you want to strengthen the torso, situations in which you want to achieve a maximum increase in strength or to achieve a rebalancing of the muscles.

As for muscle strength, practically nobody doubts today that its development is an indisputable benefit and desired by more and more people. It is no longer something exclusive for those who want to increase their muscle mass, but also for popular athletes who want a complimentary training to their sport, or for older people who are looking for improvements in their quality of life.

According to a study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 20% of people over the age of 60 reveal the marked weakness in the arms when subjected to a grip test. On the contrary, if the limb has been regularly exercised and muscled, the loss of strength is considerably less.

How the biceps and triceps work

Biceps and triceps are the two main muscles of the forearm. The biceps mechanically joins the arm with the forearm. It is a superficial muscle with two heads, hence it is also known as the biceps brachii. Its function is to flex and pronation the forearm.

The triceps are located in the arm region. It is made up of three areas: a long portion and vast internal and external. This muscle is an extensor of the arm and acts importantly in the press exercises, which are the ones that use bars and weights.

How to strengthen biceps and triceps from home

To train all the muscles of the arm: biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders, it is not always necessary to use gym machines and expensive equipment. Only with your body weight can you achieve good physical work with which to gain tone, volume and strength in the arms, and most importantly, not lose movement capacity.

Elements such as chairs, benches, and ropes are sufficient, although more complete training requires the use of dumbbells and weight machines.

Best Tricep Workout: dippings or bottoms

This practice consists of standing in front of a chair, bench or step. Rest your hands on the edge of the object and your back to it with your feet apart, bend your elbows back, so that the body lowers and rises. In this exercise, it is the triceps that support all the body weight and is strengthened. You can see how to put this exercise for triceps into practice in the following video.

Push-ups on the floor

It is one of the most popular bodybuilding exercises. Lying on the ground, with your hands and toes supported, you should flex your arms so that your body rises and falls until you almost touch the ground again. It is important to keep the body completely parallel to the ground. With traditional push-ups, you work triceps, pecs and, to a lesser extent, biceps.

Push-ups and push-ups are the best-known biceps and triceps exercises to enhance this muscle area.

“V” push-ups

Another way to do push-ups is by shortening the distance between your feet and hands, which must remain extended at all times. What goes up and down are the glutes to form a pyramid with the body and then return to the starting position, as we see in this video.

In this other article, you will find an easy and entertaining exercise guide to train your triceps at home.

Bicep curl

Use a bungee cord, step on it, and apply force to it while holding both ends with your hands. By flexing your elbows you pull this element and hold that position for about 15 seconds as if you were doing weights. Then you rest and start again. It can be done together with both arms or alternate with one arm at a time as if they were dumbbells.

Tips for training arms at home

Whether at home or in the gym, if it is a non-exclusive strength training, but rather complementary to enhance health or that serves as a basis for the practice of other modalities per week, it is advisable to do bicep exercises and triceps two or three times, leaving a day of rest between them.

Before starting the exercises, it is essential to carry out a light warm-up session of all the muscles to be treated and, after the muscular dynamics, stretch the worked areas to promote relaxation and subsequent recovery.

With these tricks and exercises, arms can be trained at home using our own body, although in gyms and fitness rooms these same dynamics can be set in motion using more complete bodybuilding machines.

So, do we start exercising biceps and triceps from now?

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