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How to Treat Diabetes Using Natural Remedies?

Diabetes is a problem seen in a lot of people these days due to various reasons. The most common causes of diabetes include junk food, sugar consumption, sedentary lifestyle, excess stress, genetics, and many other reasons that come out of either irresponsible timings or change in our way of living. Higher glucose levels are inevitable if we are negligent, which takes a significant toll on the body.

The constant feeling of thirst increased urination, hunger pangs, fatigue, and delayed recovery of wounds can be some of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. However, there are specific natural remedies and care to be taken to cure diabetes completely. This article gives you the list of best remedies and how to use them to cure diabetes.

Naturopathic Remedies for Diabetes

  1. Food
  2. Essential oils
  3. Natural remedies
  4. Alternative Treatments
  5. Supplements

Did You Know!

  • 422 million people have diabetes all over the world
  • Diabetes is a significant cause of blindness, amputation and Kidney failure
  • 1 out of 3 people affected with diabetes do not know that they have diabetes
  • It is the leading cause of blindness in working class people
  • Diabetes costs 175 billion dollars every year

CURE 1: Food for Diabetics

Food plays a vital role in helping you stay fit and healthy. The strong immune system can be attributed to the intake of a proper and balanced diet. Small changes in food intake can cure you of diabetes. Let’s see what those are

1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Why does it work?

Go for citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapes as they offer incredible benefits to cure diabetes. The digestive fiber in these fruits helps in the regulation of bowel movements and improves the sensitivity towards insulin. It checks for fluctuations in the blood glucose level and aids in the steady cure of diabetes type 2.

How to use?

Including citrus fruits to your daily diet is very advantageous, but the consumption of the fruit itself is more beneficial than having fruit juices.

How much to use?

Usually, any diabetic person can have plenty of fruits and vegetables in a day, but the recommended consumption is 2-4 servings of fruits daily.

2. Yogurt for diabetes

Why does it work?

It helps control type 2 diabetes. Daily consumption of a cup of plain yogurt can help you keep your diabetes in check. Also, it helps to reduce the risk of digestive issues. It also helps in shedding excess body fat, which is beneficial for diabetic patients. It’s high levels of calcium and conjugated linoleic acid help in kicking out diabetes.

How to use?

Yogurt is recommended for treating diabetes, but only if it is unsweetened and plain. You can consume it directly without adding any sweetener. Or you can use it as a topping on certain fruits or salads and then consume it.

How much to use?

Ideally, you can consume 5 oz to 8 oz of yogurt a day if you have diabetes.

3. Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd

Why does it work?

Everyone knows that when a person has diabetes, we advise them to have high quantities of bitter gourds.

This is due to the fact they are rich in insulin-polypeptide-P; this is known to act as insulin that is produced in the body and helps in controlling the sugar levels of the body. It is one of the beneficial remedies that are used as an effective cure for diabetes.

How to use?

You can eat it directly after washing it cleanly. If you find the seeds hard, remove them and eat the remaining part if only you can bear the bitter taste.

Indians specialize in cooking bitter gourds in a delicious way, which is very much appealing to eat. You can look for recipes online.

Having three glasses

How much to use?

Eating bitter gourd once a week can be very useful.

CURE 2: Essential Oils for Diabetes

Essential Oils have been used to treat many body ailments from many decades.

1. CBD Oil for Diabetes

Why does it work?

This helps in reducing the inflammation in the body and also helps in cell growth, empowering the immune system, improves the heart function and sugar metabolism, which helps in diabetes control. CBD is believed to reverse, suppress, and eventually perhaps cure the disease.

How to use?

You can add a few drops of CBD oil in food rather than the traditional oils.

How much to use?

Preferably a few drops, ranging from 3-6.

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2. Black Seed Oil for Diabetes

Black Seed Oil

Why does it work?

Black seed oil is rich in antioxidants, which reduces the risk of oxidative stress and blood sugar levels. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce chronic inflammation and helps in retaining the insulin resistance. It preserves pancreatic integrity with its antioxidants content. It has potential cardiovascular protector properties. It reduces systolic blood pressure.

How to use?

  • Black seed oil capsules can be taken directly.
  • If you are fine with the taste, consume the oil directly.
  • If you are not fine with the flavor of the oil, you can consume it with honey.

How much to use?

Preferably a few drops, ranging from 3-6.

3. Lavender oil  for Diabetes

Why does it work?

Lavender oil helps in reducing high blood pressure and maintain balanced sugar levels in the body. It further reduces oxidative stress in the body and is high in antioxidants. So using this oil can be very effectively beneficial.

How to use?

You can use it in your aromatherapy sessions.

Add a few drops of lavender oil in coconut oil and then proceed to use this mix in your cooking oil. It is perfectly safe to do so.

How much to use?

Preferably a few drops, ranging from 3-10.

CURE 3: Natural Remedies for Diabetes

1. Apple Cider Vinegar for Diabetes

Apple Cider Vinegar

Why does it work?

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for health and is a natural cure for diabetes.

As it helps in monitoring the blood glucose levels and can reduce the glucose levels by increasing the secretion of insulin.

How to use?

  • Add apple cider vinegar to water and then consume it with cheese or a little butter before bedtime.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of ACV, a ¾ teaspoon of ground cinnamon and one teaspoon of stevia and consume this concoction before meals.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of ACV with a ½ teaspoon of baking soda and consume it all. Use a couple of orange wedges to get rid of the acidic taste in your mouth.

You can also use raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar directly in the quantity of a teaspoon for the same results.

How much to use?

It is preferably ranging from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons.

2. Turmeric for diabetes

Why does it work?

Studies state that turmeric has curcumin that reduced blood sugar and cholesterol levels to a great extent. Curcumin suppresses white blood cells that cause inflammation.

This action of curcumin potentially slows down many complications of diabetes. So usage of turmeric in our day-to-day activities gives you high chances of getting rid of diabetes a little sooner than later.

How to use?

  • Turmeric can be used by adding a half tablespoon of it in lukewarm milk.
  • You can also consume it in the form of a paste with some pepper and then dissolving it in water or milk.
  • Add some turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, some cloves, and honey to milk and then prepare the special turmeric drink.
  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon turmeric with one tablespoon aloe vera gel and consume the paste before eating lunch and dinner.

How much to use?

Preferably 500-1000 mg.

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3. Fenugreek for diabetes

Fenugreek seeds are very effective in treating diabetes. It lowers blood sugar levels, improves glucose tolerance, and stimulates the secretion of Insulin. It also slows down the complications of diabetes by bringing down glucose levels.

How to use

  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water, overnight.
  • Drink the water along with the seeds the next morning, on an empty stomach.
  • Alternatively, you could consume the powder with water or milk daily.

CURE 4: Alternative Treatments for Diabetes

1. Exercise for Diabetes

Exercise for Diabetes

Exercise is essential in our daily lives to keep our health in the good side (1). So, exercise helps with diabetes too. It helps in shedding the excess fat and in promoting insulin sensitivity. Additionally, it is also known to reduce blood glucose levels and helps in improving the usage of glucose by the muscle for releases of energy. You could perform an hour of brisk jogging or walk, swimming, running, dancing, hiking to get control of your diabetes.

2. Yoga for Diabetes

Practice yoga daily and help improve your conditions from diabetes. If you are new to it, then probably some exercise with yoga for diabetes can be helpful to keep you on track.

Start with 10 minutes per day and then work your way up there. You can either choose a yoga guru or look for some online classes or even follow the youtube tutorials for help. These poses are known to reduce sugar levels and help in controlling diabetes.

Supine spinal twist

  • Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose
  • Reclining Bound Angle Pose
  • Seated forward bend
  • Plow Pose
  • Upward-Facing Dog
  • Bow Pose
  • Child’s Pose
  • Corpse Pose

CURE 5: Supplements for Diabetics

  • Insufficiency of micronutrients in the eating regimen is related to the dangers of high blood glucose level.
  • Micronutrients like magnesium and chromium are exceedingly basic for the characteristic fix of diabetes.
  • Chromium is required for the digestion of fats and starches.
  • The absence of chromium builds the assimilation of sugars, which results in expanded blood glucose levels.
  • Magnesium for diabetes is good.
  • Utilization of sustenances wealthy in magnesium like verdant green vegetables, fish, bananas, seeds, and avocados can impressively lower and keep the danger of diabetes.
  • Intake of vitamins for diabetes along with magnesium and chromium is also to be considered.

Glycemic Index or GI is a positioning that is allocated to nourishment by the dimension of starches contained in it. Foods low in the glycemic record are exceedingly advantageous for individuals with diabetes.

Prevention and Precautions

Getting ample sleep is Important

Irregular sleeping schedules, lack of sleep, chaotic sleep deprivation, and other such symptoms are directly linked to the chance of having diabetes.

Sleep deprivation is also known to increase the secretion of cortisol, which in turn increases the blood sugar level.

To reverse these effects, meditation and proper sleep patterns are the way to go!

Stay away from stress

The body when is put under stress releases hormones called cortisol and glucagon as a reaction to the stress. These promote the accumulation of glucose in the blood. It is recommended that one practices meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises to cut down

Limit The Intake Of Carbohydrates

The sugars ingested from sustenance get broken down into glucose, which gets collected in the blood through their overutilization. The most effective method to control diabetes is to control the intake of carbs. White bread, pasta, rice, and other food that hold excess carbs.

Intake Of High Fiber Food

High Fiber Food

The fibrous substance of nourishment is beneficial for the strength of individuals with diabetes. The fiber can delay the digestion and limit the absorption of sugar.

Joining of foods high in fiber, for example, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits can monitor glucose and invert diabetes normally.

Drink More Water And Stay Constantly Hydrated

The dimension of blood glucose can get kept up inside sensible breaking points by expanding the admission of water. Other than battling against dehydration, water helps in the flushing out of excessive blood glucose by urination.

Therapeutic science has demonstrated that drinking more water can even keep the dangers of diabetes under control. Water helps in rehydration, diminishes blood glucose levels, and lessens the threat of diabetes.

Control Your Servings

Regulating the portion of food consumed during meal-times helps in controlling the calorie intake. The most popular method is by estimating the offers with the assistance of standard glass, making utilization of little plates and keeping a nourishment diary. Overeating is defined as one of the most common causes of diabetes.


1. Can diabetes be reversed?

There might be no cure for diabetes, but you can always reverse it under some circumstances. So with proper diet and exercise, you can reach the targets of normal blood sugar levels. But this doesn’t mean your diabetes is gone.

2. Is Brown Rice good for Diabetes?

Brown rice is rich in fiber, and so it becomes an essential component for the management of diabetes. Considering the other options, brown rice can be consumed, but then excessive use might again lead to an increase in the sugar levels.

3. Are Beets good for Diabetes?

Research shows that eating beets or drinking beet juice might be beneficial for people with diabetes as it helps with high blood pressure, and people with diabetes have high blood pressure.

4. Is Cinnamon good for Diabetes?

This spice is a robust source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties that helps lower the cholesterol levels and glucose levels in the body. So you can have cinnamon if you have diabetes too.

5. Is Mango good for Diabetes?

The intake of mangoes depends on the number of carbohydrates a diabetic patient has already consumed. If you have kept your count low, then you can go for a mango which is considerably small in size. A larger quantity might lead to an increase in sugar levels.

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