Causes of Chronic Low Back Pain

We all have certain areas of the body that tend to suffer more than others, whether it is occasional (acute) or permanent (chronic) pain, but why? For an accident, a permanent and irreversible injury, for work, …? in the end the body usually warns us of the areas that are not well so as not to continue forcing them and to be able to recover thanks to the curative vision (self-healing), but instead of taking the rest that the area needs to be able to recover, it is more taking a drug (which at certain times will be necessary, but will usually be harmful) for pain and continue with our life and daily habits. The only thing that is causing the body is that the injury becomes more and more chronic due to the accumulation of overload in the area, accustoming the body to coexist with that pain, adapting to not feel that constant pain and triggering an imbalance in the body structure that, over the years, will end up affecting other areas that previously did not suffer.

Low back pain refers to intense pain in the lower back, many people define it as having a bar in the lower back that does not allow them to flex (shrink) the back or stand too long. Here it is important to emphasize that posture, in general, is what influences lumbago the most, when driving, working long hours sitting or many hours standing, in repetitive movements of bending and getting up, and worse still, if you are lifting weight without maintaining the correct position.

It is difficult to maintain a proper posture for so many hours, unconsciously the body tends to compensate for that bad posture by looking for the position in which the back is more comfortable and less painful, this for many hours, ends up damaging the lower back causing a low back pain, where The body is warning that it either corrects the posture or strengthens the back muscles, strengthening them in order to hold and maintain the curvatures and the central axis of the spine and hip in place, in fact, the more weakened the muscles of the back, more pain will appear, so the importance of exercise, only and simply for your health and well-being.

Yes! it is a change of habit that you are going to have to do, and it will cost you, nothing in this life is easy if you want to achieve something, but little by little, your body will thank you and constantly ask you because it is something that the body needs, feel strong to carry out any type of physical effort.


You will have heard that for blows and inflammations the best thing that goes for the moment is cold, ice, to help drain that excess accumulated liquids, but in this case there may or may not be inflammation, in healthy people who do not have any injury diagnosed, in most people, they usually suffer from overload of the lumbar musculature, with which, there is no need for inflammation, simply the muscle fibers of the lumbar area are contracted by the overload and lose elasticity, that’s why, the colder the area, the less elasticity it will have, since the cold contracts the muscle fibers, for example, when you wake up in the morning in bed, your lower back is often resented “it’s like I have a bar that won’t let me move “Because the area is immobilized for several hours and the area is cold, many will agree that during the day, while the lumbar area remains warm and active, it does not usually bother so to, but the moment we get home after a long day of work, we sit down and rest, that is, we stop mobilizing the area and let it cool, again our low back pain is hurting, right now , the best thing we can do is to provide heat to the area, either with a muscle relaxing cream, one that helps bring heat to the area or even use a pad or a bag with seeds that are heated in the microwave.

The cold we will leave for blows, in the case of suffering from low back pain due to an injury to the vertebral discs or vertebrae, the heat is also recommended, the heat what it does is provide more blood, more blood supply to the area to increase the oxygenation of those muscles, the blood carries the essential substances for the body’s self-healing mechanisms, so in these cases, the cold is ruled out, just as if you suffer from low back pain due to a herniated disc or protrusion, Although these are causing inflammation due to impingement or joint wear, heat is recommended, although there are different opinions between therapists and specialists, cold and ice contract the area and at the same time contract the venous and lymphatic capillaries, draining the excess of liquids but also contracting and leaving the muscular and tendon area rigid and with a lack of elasticity.


  • When we go to lower our back, either to tie our shoes for example or to take something that weighs, we will always go down flexing our legs and keeping our back straight and we will go up in the same way, extending our legs while keeping our back straight without curving our lumbar area.
  • If you like natural remedies, you can use clay poultices with honey to apply it to the area, both for pain and inflammation.
  • Try to avoid sleeping in the prone position (face down), if you sleep supine (face up) use a cushion to put you below the knees, and if you sleep in the fetal position (on your side), place the cushion between your legs to create a separation between the thighs and that they stay in their line, in their axis if they harm the hip.
  • If you have any cream that helps to bring the heat to the area, massage yourself in the lower back until the cream penetrates the skin.
  • Do physical exercise to strengthen the back muscles, and when you finish the exercise, don’t forget to stretch.

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