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5 uses of tea tree oil for babies

Do you know the properties of tea tree oil? Be careful because you are going to get a lot out of uses of tea tree oil for babies and children.

From time immemorial the medicinal and beneficial properties of certain plants have been known. One of them is the tea tree, it is native to Australia. From the leaves of this plant, known as Melaleuca Alternifolia, an oil highly valued and appreciated for its high antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal power is extracted. We tell you about the uses of tea tree oil for babies and children that you are going to get a great benefit from.

How you should use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is not ingested, but the use is topical. In addition, the oils have a high concentration so, with a few drops, it is more than enough.

To use it on the delicate skin of babies and children, the first thing to keep in mind is that you must dilute it. To avoid reactions, the ratio is 70% water and 30% oil. If you have any questions, it is better to consult your pediatrician.

Uses of tea tree oil for babies and children

1. Strengthens the immune system: Add a few drops of oil in an essence diffuser. In addition to flavoring your home, you will help strengthen the immune system of the whole family and eliminate bacteria from the environment.

2. Cradle cap: Dilute a few drops of the tea tree oil in water, in the ratio that we discussed earlier. Apply a few drops to your baby’s head giving a gentle massage.

3. Diaper rash: With a cotton ball, apply the mixture we have previously made with oil and water to the affected area each time you change your diaper.

4. Insect sting: To avoid stings, you can use tea tree oil as a natural repeller. Apply the mixture of water and oil directly to the skin. You can also use the oil directly on the clothes but check beforehand that it does not spoil the garment.

5. It is also very helpful in relieving pain if the sting has already occurred. If so, apply a few drops directly to the bite and repeat several times a day.

6. Lice: Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your child’s shampoo. Another way to use tea tree oil to remove lice is to add 25 drops of the oil to half a liter of distilled water. You should rub your hair and scalp with this solution 3 times a day. Then use a lice comb. To remove lice nits or eggs, you must persist. So you must repeat for at least two weeks the chosen treatment.

Other uses of tea tree oil that you should know

  1. House Cleaning: You can use tea tree oil for house cleaning and substitute bleach. For every half a liter of water, add 25 drops of tea tree oil and 75 ml. of white vinegar. With its high bacterial and fungicidal power, you will leave your house disinfected and clean. If your baby is crawling, add 40 drops of the oil to the bucket of scrubbing water. And when washing clothes, include a few drops in the fabric softener or 50 drops in the liquid detergent drawer to eliminate mites.
  2. Lactation: If you have cracked breasts, the use of tea tree oil will be very beneficial. After breastfeeding, just apply a few drops to the cracked area. When you go to breastfeed your baby again, you should first clean the nipple well.
  3. Our pets: you can use it on your dog or cat. Remember that the oil must also be diluted in water and use lower doses. It is used for the treatment of fleas, scabies, and ticks.


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