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How to clean your baby nose with and without a nasal aspirator

Do you know how to clean your baby’s nose with and without a nasal aspirator? We tell you to step by step everything that needs to be done for your baby to get rid of his troublesome nasal congestion.

It is normal for your little one to have a blocked nose if he has a cold or perhaps an allergy. Having your airways clogged won’t cause problems if you know how to clean your baby’s nose. If you have a cold look at some natural remedies to relieve cold symptoms

It is important to avoid infections like otitis or other discomforts due to the discomfort of not being able to breathe well.

To relieve him, it is important that you help him using a saline solution or removing them with a nasal aspirator or a rubber pear.

How to clean your baby nose

To clean your baby’s nose you will need a saline or saline solution. You can do it yourself by pouring a tablespoon of salt in a glass with warm water. If you prefer, you can buy it at the pharmacy.

Before applying it, heat it a little so that its temperature is similar to that of the human body and is not so unpleasant.

  1. Lay your baby down. On a flat surface but raising your chin a little so that the serum enters better. If it is more comfortable for you, try placing it on your legs and with the legs facing your belly.
  2. Rotate your head slightly and start with the hole that is up. Then do the same but through the other nostril. Make a few drops of the serum over each of your nostrils (2 or 3 drops).
  3. Try not to shake your head or shake it as little as possible for about 10 seconds to get the solution to do its job. Add it a little so that the whey and dissolved mucus come out. Many times this will be enough to relieve your congestion.

How to clean your baby’s nose with the rubber pear or nasal aspirator

The nasal aspirator is a pear-shaped device. They are made of rubber or silicone and are used to clean babies’ noses and remove their mucus when they are congested.

They are very easy to use but you must do it very carefully so as not to harm it.

To clean your baby’s nose is the most effective method, especially if it is major congestion, but it is also the most annoying and requires the most care so as not to harm the baby.

To clean your baby’s nose, in addition to the nasal aspirator, you will need tissue paper and saline (saline).

Remember to warm it up a bit so that it is at body temperature (keeping it in your hands for a few minutes).

  1. Place your baby as we told you before.
  2. Make a few drops of the serum as we have said in the previous section and let it act for a few seconds.
  3. Take the nasal aspirator and before inserting it into its nostrils, press the knob.
  4. Insert the vacuum cleaner decisively but carefully into your nose and release the knob. You will hear how mucus sucks. If you let the air pass between the vacuum cleaner and your baby’s nostrils, you will only be able to suck air and their moquettes will continue to bother them.
  5. Drop the snot on the tissue
  6. Repeat the same operation with the aspirator in the other nostril of your little one.
  7. If the baby is still congested after 10 minutes, start again with the saline drops and suck again with the vacuum cleaner.

Precautions when cleaning your baby’s nose

  • You should not use the nasal aspirator more than once or twice a day because you will irritate your baby’s nose.
  • The best time to clean your nose is before eating and/or before sleeping so that the lack of correct breathing does not bother you.
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner after each use with warm soapy water. Inside and outside. Turn it upside down to dry well.


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