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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Toothache

Toothache can become a real ordeal for those who suffer it. The diagnosis is not always the same. Among other causes, it can be due to an infection, a break or strong grinding. Therefore, it is always best to go to the dentist. Also, some cases can become a serious condition.

However, until the time for the consultation comes, there are some home remedies that can alleviate this pain to some extent. These are some of the tricks you can use:

Apply cold:

As in many other cases where the pain is experienced, applying cold can help mitigate the damage to the teeth. You can put ice, always with gauze, on the cheek, but never directly on the tooth.


Another remedy is to rinse your mouth with salt and warm water for 30 seconds several times a day, as it will help disinfect the area. Of course, you don’t need to swallow it.


If dental floss is available, it is recommended to use it to remove any food that may remain in the grinding wheel, so that less pressure is produced. In addition, when passing the brush, it must be done gently when reaching the painful area.

Antiseptics and sprays:

Be careful not to abuse them, but antiseptics and sprays are a great help to use while the appointment with the dentist arrives. The clove of India, for example, is a good product, applying a couple of drops directly to the grinding wheel if it is in the liquid tin, or gently biting the nail directly.

Lay on the opposite side:

At bedtime, it is convenient to turn on the opposite side to the painful tooth so as not to rest it on the pillow and thus exert more pressure.

Warm foods:

Hot and cold foods affect the sore tooth, so, as far as possible, should be avoided, as well as, logically, hard foods that can worsen the condition of the tooth.

Marcela and propolis tea:

Marcela tea has calming and anti-inflammatory properties, while propolis has a healing and antibacterial action. For this reason, preparing a drink with these products and drinking it with rinses help us to relieve pain and clean the inflamed area.


Any analgesic or anti-inflammatory will also serve to alleviate the pain.

But the most important thing is that if the fracture is evident, if the pain has not subsided in three days or if it repairs despite being gone, a visit to the dentist is mandatory.


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