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How to Treat Torticollis Naturally

Who has not yet suffered from torticollis? It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? Especially if you have to get up to go to work or study, that bothers us. Yes, it is a mild illness but it is very painful. However, it is normal to have torticollis. The neck is the area where all the stresses come together when the body is tired. From its scientific name “tortum collum”, torticollis is a form of involuntary contraction of the neck muscles. It is caused by a poor position in bed or poor posture during the day. Sometimes this is difficult and time consuming to deal with. However, there are simple and effective natural solutions to treat torticollis naturally. Here are some of them.

What to do at the beginning of torticollis?

Torticollis hurts. And it is the gestures that one makes to counteract it that makes its cure impossible. Avoid thinking that stretching the muscle around your neck will help you improve. Stay in the position you require and take pain relievers like acetaminophen or doliprane. Of course, these are not natural remedies, but they will help you get better before you tackle the main problem.

Naturally, treat torticollis with heat

Once you have taken pain relievers, now use heat. You can use all available heats. If you have a hairdryer it is better. If not, you can boil water and moisten your towel with it. Then place it on your neck, mainly where it hurts the most. They say that heat relaxes cramps and contracted muscles, and it’s true. Try it and you will see it! The heat is done to naturally cure the torticollis. You can replace the towel with hot water bottles. You can also use capsium balm or microwave packs. These are all sources of heat. You can also take a bath or shower at the highest temperature your body can handle. Repeat these actions until you feel better. And a little trick: take advantage of these moments to massage your neck. This will make the pain go away quickly.

What if the torticollis lasts more than a day?

This is not surprising. In general, torticollis leaves after two days. But if it really bothers you, you can always look for other solutions to naturally cure torticollis. You should quickly consult a specialist neck doctor, such as an osteopath, acupuncturist, or chiropractor. They will search for the cause of your pain and provide you with the right tips to quickly relieve neck pain. In case you have trouble moving far, you can also buy a foam collar. You can find it at the nearby pharmacy or you can have it purchased by a family member. Wear it and never remove it even while sleeping until the pain is gone. It will not suffocate you. On the contrary, this necklace’s mission is to relieve your neck.

Massage to naturally cure torticollis

When it comes to muscle contractions, massage is the first idea that comes to mind. To naturally cure torticollis, it is best to receive a message from a specialist, such as a physical therapist or osteopath. Being massaged by someone can make your pain worse. You know very well that massage is performed by point. A person who does not know anything about the massage will press on the sensitive parts and worsen their torticollis. However, a good massager will help you apply trapezius to your neck areas. But if you still want to get tested before using a physical therapist or osteopath, you can practice the following: take your thumbs and massage from the top to the traps to ease your neck. Do this relaxing massage for about 10 minutes every 6 hours.

Strengthen your massage with essential oils

The catalog of essential oils to relieve muscle contractions is quite extensive. The most effective for the natural treatment of torticollis are those of Gaultinia, Eucalyptus, Valerian and Tarragon. These plants are known to be the most effective in relieving pain and releasing tension in the neck. Quickly apply to the neck and massage the pain area well. Use these essential oils to massage your torticollis for at least three days. You can find some in organic stores or in a pharmacy.

Do some stretching exercises

It is only after using heat that you can stretch. You have to stretch because stretching helps you not get stuck in that bad position. And stretches are complementary solutions for the natural treatment of torticollis and all muscle contractions. Even if you don’t get stiff neck often, you should try hard to avoid other neck aches.

How to do it?

You can search the web for many stretching exercises. Choose the one that suits you. If you can’t find one, start by simply relaxing your shoulders. So, bring your chin forward. Then turn your head from left to right and then from the other direction, from right to left. Go slow! Precipitation does not solve absolutely anything. Perform these easy stretches for 3 days and repeat each session 4-5 times maximum. In summary, stretching is one of the most effective solutions for the natural treatment of torticollis.

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