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Get Rid of Vaginal Itching in No Time with These Natural Remedies

Vaginal itching is extremely discomforting and can even turn painful. About 40% of women struggle with vaginal itching(1) due to some reason or the other.

However, seeking out home remedies for itching in private parts can be embarrassing for some women.

The good news is that vaginal itching, in most cases, is not a cause for concern and can be treated easily at home. Here are a few tried and tested, women-approved home remedies for vaginal itching.

Causes of Vaginal Itching

Vaginal itching is more of a symptom than a condition. Hence, the remedy for your vaginal itch depends on the underlying cause. Thus, it is important to know the causes of vaginal itching, which have been discussed below:

  • Chemicals or irritants.
  • Skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.
  • Yeast infection.
  • Bacterial vaginosis.
  • Sexually transmitted disease.
  • Menopause.
  • Stress.
  • Vulvar cancer.

How To Stop Vaginal Itching Using Natural Remedies

Here are some highly effective natural and home remedies for vaginal itching and burning:

  1. Essential Oils
  2. Foods
  3. Supplements
  4. Home Remedies

CURE 1: Essential Oils for Vaginal Itching

If you are suffering from an itchy vagina due to a skin condition, applying essential or regular oil can help you.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can help in the maintenance and upkeep of your hair, nails, and skin. Australian Aborigines have been enjoying the medicinal properties of tea tree oil for centuries.

Why Does it Work?

The presence of terpinen-4-ol(2), a bioactive compound present in tea tree oil, contains antibacterial, antifungal(3), antiviral, and antimicrobial(4) properties. Further, it also boosts the production of white blood cells, which can fight off infections. Honey is also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, which can sooth the skin.

Materials Required

  • 2-3 drops of tea tree oil
  • Two tablespoons of raw, organic honey

Procedure for Usage

  1. Mix the tea tree oil with honey and apply it over the affected area
  2. Let it stay overnight and rinse it off in the morning with lukewarm water

Note: If you experience itching inside your vagina, you can dilute tea tree oil in some filtered water and soak a tampon in this mixture. Insert the soaked tampon in your vagina and leave it overnight.


Do this for a couple of nights until the condition subsides.

2. Oil of Oregano

The fragrance of oregano is no stranger to Italian households. In its essential oil form, the antioxidants and bioactive compounds are concentrated.

Why Does it Work?

If you experience vaginal itching due to a yeast infection, then oregano oil can prevent the infection from spreading from the anus to the vagina as the yeast overgrows in the large intestines. The antifungal compounds(5) like carvacrol and thymol counter the yeast growth.

Materials Required

  • Three drops of oregano oil
  • A glass of water

Procedure for Usage

  1. Stir in oregano oil in the water and drink it.


Drink this mixture twice a day for an entire week. Depending on your condition, you could increase the dosage up to six drops per glass of water.

3. Coconut Oil

Carrier oil like coconut oil can be a potent cure for vaginal itching. Whether you have irritated skin or bacterial or fungal infection, coconut oil is a cure for everything.

Why Does it Work?

Coconut contains medium-chain fatty acids(5) such as lauric, caprylic, and capric acids, which possess antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial qualities(6). Coconut oil also soothes chaffed and inflamed the skin.

Materials Required

  • Raw pressed virgin coconut oil.

Procedure for Usage

  • Make use of a soft cloth to wash the affected area. Air-dry it.
  • Apply a thin layer of coconut oil over the region and let it stay.


Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a day.

CURE 2: Foods for Vaginal Itching

Certain foods have the capacity to cure your vaginal itch. Here are the foods that you can include to get rid of an itchy vagina:

1. Yogurt

Yogurt for IBS

Rich and creamy yogurt is not only good for your gut but can also affect your vagina. It is particularly effective for treating vaginal infection caused by fungus.

Why Does it Work?

The Lactobacillus bacteria(7), which is present in yogurt, can promote the growth of “healthy” bacteria in your vagina. Further, yogurt has a soothing effect on the body. Even the topical application(8) of yogurt can counter the inflammatory effects of vaginal infection. You can mix some raw, organic honey to the Greek yogurt before consuming it.

Interestingly, several studies(9) have indicated that the honey and Greek yogurt combination(10) could be more potent than antifungal creams!

Materials Required

  • A cup of unflavored Greek yogurt.

Procedure for Usage

  1. Consume a cup of plain Greek yogurt.

NOTE: Alternatively, you may dip a tampon in yogurt and insert it in your vagina.


Eat a cup of Greek yogurt at least twice a day.

2. Garlic

Cloves of garlic not only spice up your food but can also improve your health. Regular consumption of garlic has been attributed to a host of health benefits.

Why Does it Work?

Due to the presence of allicin, a bioactive compound, garlic possesses strong antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which make it the go-to remedy for treating vaginal itching. However, remember that to extract the full benefits of allicin, you need to consume it in its raw form.

Materials Required

  • Two to three cloves of garlic
  • Water

Procedure for Usage

  1. Crush the garlic and swallow it with the help of water.


Follow this home remedy once or twice a day, preferably on an empty stomach or with a gap of 4 hours between the last meal.

CURE 3: Probiotic Supplements for Vaginal Itching

Yogurt is an effective home remedy for an itchy vagina by virtue of having probiotic qualities. Other probiotic foods like kimchi

On the other hand, you can also consume probiotic supplements to promote vaginal health.

Why Does it Work?

Probiotics promote the growth of “good” bacteria, which ensure the health of your vagina. In addition to helping you get rid of vaginal itching, probiotics may also help you prevent any incidents of vaginal itching. A number of doctors prescribe probiotics along with antibiotics for an itchy vagina.

Materials Required

  • Probiotic capsule or tonic

Procedure for Usage

  1. Consume the probiotic supplement as per the instructions that are given in the packaging.


Consult your physician to know about the adequate dosage and frequency.

CURE 4: Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching

Natural home remedies can not only offer relief from the pain and burning sensation that accompanies an itchy vagina, but it also helps in preventing the same. Here are a few effective home remedies that may help:

1. Green Tea

Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea are widespread and well-known. Everyone knows about its anti-aging properties and how it can benefit your skin and hair. Let’s see what it can do in case of vaginal itching.

Why Does it Work?

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds like catechins, which help bolster the body’s immune system(11). Hence, if you are having an itchy vagina due to an infection, then your body will be better equipped at fighting it off.

Drinking green tea(12) also helps with the elimination of yeast from the body, which could be the cause of yeast infection. The topical application of green tea extract over the affected regions can help reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.

Materials Required

  • A tea bag of green tea.
  • A cup of water.

Procedure for Usage

  1. Bring a cup of water to a boil. Take it off the heat.
  2. Add green tea to the boiling water and allow the green tea leaves to steep for nearly three minutes. Strain the liquid.
  3. Allow the green tea to cool a little and add a dash of honey or lemon to flavor the drink.

Note: Alternatively, you can refrigerate a used green tea bag and apply it to the affected region for 10 to 15 minutes.


Drink two to three cups of green tea a day to flush out all the toxins.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

As everyone knows, apple cider vinegar is the new health trend that is beneficial in many ways. Apple Cider Vinegar is a reliable home remedy for treating itchy skin. Hence, it comes as no surprise that you can also use apple cider vinegar for vaginal itching.

Why Does it Work?

Apple Cider Vinegar can be used internally or externally to reap its antifungal properties(13). Further, Apple Cider Vinegar can also help against microbes like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans, which are all culprits behind various conditions. Thus, if you are troubled with any kind of infection, you can soak in an apple cider vinegar bath to get instant relief.

Materials Required

  • Half a cup of apple cider vinegar
  • A warm bath

Procedure for Usage

  1. Add apple cider vinegar to your bath.
  2. Dip into it and soak for at least 10 to 40 minutes.

Note: Alternatively, you can add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink this mixture.


Soak in an ACV bath daily until the itching stops.

3. Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt is a salt of Magnesium sulfate, which can help your skin in many ways. It can help destress and relax your muscles. While the results for using Epsom salt to treat vaginal itching are anecdotal, here’s how you can see the results for yourself.

Why Does it Work?

The chemical properties of Epsom salt possess antimicrobial and antifungal(14) properties. Further, it also offers an anti-inflammatory effect, which brings down skin inflammation.

Materials Required

  • A cup of Epsom salt
  • A warm bath

Procedure for Usage

  1. Combine a cup of Epsom salt to a gallon of water.
  2. Swirl the water to dissolve the crystals.
  3. Soak in this Epsom Salt bath for about 10 to 15 minutes.


Follow this remedy three times per week.

4. Baking Soda Bath

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate, better known as Baking Soda, is found in every pantry. By virtue of its leavening properties, baking soda can help the dough rise in baking. Here’s you to use baking soda for vaginal itching:

Why Does it Work?

Baking soda possesses antifungal properties. Studies have found that baking soda can kill Candida cells, which causes a yeast infection. Soaking in a baking soda bath can also help in treating eczema(15) and skin conditions like psoriasis(16).

Materials Required

  • Two cups of baking soda.
  • A warm bath.

Procedure for Usage

  1. Dissolve two cups of baking soda in a warm bath and allow it to dissolve.
  2. Soak in this bath for 10 to 40 minutes.


Do this two to three times a week.

5. Aloe Vera

The soothing properties of aloe vera gel are no secret. It can significantly benefit your skin and prevent inflammation and itching.

Why Does it Work?

The cooling action of fresh aloe vera gel can soothe skin irritation and keep the inflammation in check. Aloe vera gel is loaded with over six different antiseptic agents(17), which can suppress the growth and spread of various fungi and bacteria.

Materials Required

  • Freshly squeezed aloe vera gel

Procedure for Usage

  1. Wash and air dry the affected area using a soft cloth.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the aloe vera gel over the affected region.
  3. Let the aloe vera gel air dry.


Apply aloe vera gel at least two to three times a day.

Now that you know the various home remedies, which can help you cure an itchy vagina, you will no longer have to stay flustered about the itching and burning in your private parts.

Try out these natural remedies so that you can step out with confidence. Remember to keep the area clean and dry. If the condition persists, consider applying antifungal/antibacterial ointments or cortisone cream. With enough care and attention, your condition will improve in no time!

Do you have any personal secrets that help you when vaginal itching strikes you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions with respect to vaginal itching:

1. What precautions can I take to avoid an itchy vagina?

For starters, you need to inculcate good hygiene practices and lifestyle habits to avoid vaginal itching. In addition to the above, here are a few measures that you can take to prevent vaginal irritation or infection:

  • Wash your genital area using warm water and a gentle cleanser. Avoid soaps that have a high pH value as your vaginal region is acidic in nature.
  • Avoid scented bubble baths, soaps, and lotions.
  • Avoid douching and stay off vaginal sprays.
  • Wear clean and dry clothing items at all times. Change out of wet and damp clothing as and when necessary.
  • Change your underwear daily and wear cotton underwear.
  • Use condoms or other barriers during sexual intercourse.

2. When should I see a doctor?

Consult a doctor immediately if the vaginal itching is paired with the following symptoms:

  • Blisters or ulcers on the vulva.
  • Intense pain, soreness, or tenderness in the genital area.
  • Redness or swelling of the genital area.
  • Pain or burning during urination.
  • Turbid or smelly vaginal discharge.
  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse

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