10Health Benefits of Pistachios

Pistachios are among the best-known and most appreciated foods in the world. Find out why eating them is good for your health.

When it comes to nuts, it’s hard not to think of pistachios. Small, green and rich in flavor, pistachios are, in fact, one of the most appreciated and enjoyed nuts in the world. Being very caloric (and rich in good fats), they have often considered a food to avoid. However, things are not exactly like this because, due to their numerous properties, they must be considered as valuable food for well-being. If you are also a lover of pistachios, you will be pleased to discover that, if consumed without exaggeration, it brings many benefits to your health.

Pistachios: the ten reasons to eat them

  1. They help you lose weight. Let’s start by debunking a myth. The pistachios, if they are not exceeded in quantity, do not get fat but, on the contrary, help to lose weight. In addition to satisfying the palate, in fact, they increase metabolism and give that feeling of satiety that allows you not to overdo it with other foods.
  2. It helps you keep younger. Thanks to antioxidants and vitamins C and E, they are able to protect against free radicals, thus preventing premature aging.
  3. They are diuretics. Rich in potassium, pistachios stimulate diuresis, thus counteracting water retention and helping to combat inflammation of the stomach and legs, also reducing various types of edema.
  4. They are good for the heart. Rich in phytosterols and other beneficial substances such as lutein or arginine, pistachios are true friends of the heart and blood circulation. Among the many benefits they bring, they are known to reduce hypertension and protect the heart muscles.
  5. They are good for the brain. Rich in magnesium, pistachios alleviate anxiety and problems such as stress, depression or nervousness. Eating them, therefore, benefits the entire nervous system.
  6. They help lower cholesterol. Thanks to the good fats that pistachios contain, they help keep cholesterol levels low, reducing bad ones.
  7. They help prevent type 2 diabetes. Due to the content of fiber, procyanidins, and beta-carotenes, they act as a preventive action with respect to type 2 diabetes, lowering blood sugar levels.
  8. They are good for the eyes. Eating pistachios helps protect eyesight thanks to lutein, riboflavin, and zeaxanthin.
  9. It performs a laxative action. Thanks to magnesium and also to fibers, pistachios promote intestinal transit, promoting the well-being of the intestine.
  10. They perform an aphrodisiac action. Pistachios, among other things, seem to increase libido by giving more vigor to the sexual organs.

And it doesn’t end here! Among the many beneficial properties, pistachios are also known to prevent anemia and the anti-tumor effect they have thanks to the presence of vitamin E and resveratrol, an antioxidant that, among other things, is also good for the brain.

But how many are correct to eat? The generally recommended daily dose for not gaining weight is about 30 grams or about fifty pistachios.

Obviously, it is better to prefer fresh and unsalted ones, and it is preferable to consume them in the morning along with yogurt with fresh fruit or only as a snack during working hours, at which time they will give an additional sprint.

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