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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips Fast

Dry and chapped lips: home remedies to repair them. With the arrival of the cold, especially, the lips suffer and begin to dry and crack. To avoid this, there are multiple easy home remedies to develop and apply.

Dry and chapped lips: home remedies to repair them. With the arrival of the cold, one of the parts of our face that suffers the most is the lips, since it is the only part of our body that does not contain melanin, so they tend to crack. Also, many of us tend to constantly suck our lips which makes them dry even more. But do not worry, because, in order to show off beautiful, sensual and full lips, and not full of the skin due to dryness, there are many home remedies, easy to prepare and with good results.

Having healthy and sensual lips is something that every woman wants, but the cold, the bites when we are nervous, sucking them, causes them to break down and leave us dry and cracked, so the remedies that we will see below will be very useful for you. to end this problem. As you will see, oils of all kinds are a very good ally.

These are 10 remedies that can help you to get rid of chapped lips:

  1. A very easy option is to soak a cotton ball in olive oil and rub it over your lips.
  2. You can also make a simple ointment with virgin wax and almond oil. For this, you have to take a container and heat the wax and then add the almond oil. Let it cool for half an hour to an hour until it solidifies. Apply it to the affected area before going to bed and when you get up.
  3. Another very easy one is to apply a little menthol balm.
  4. You can also put the cream you use for the face on the lips. You have to do it before going to sleep.
  5. Cocoa butter or cream is also good. You should apply a thin layer and do it gently.
  6. Apply lard three times a day.
  7. Aloe vera is also a very good remedy. You cut a piece and apply it to the damaged area.
  8. When they are cracked, apply a thick layer of castor oil.
  9. Avocado is also used for these remedies. Crush an avocado without skin, add a few drops of olive oil and beat it with a spatula until there is a homogeneous paste. Then you apply it and you are with it for about 15 minutes, then you remove it with warm water.
  10. It is also good to use the cream that has the whole milk. To get it you have two options. You can put half a porcelain cup full of whole milk in the fridge for three days and then remove the cream and apply it to yourself. You can also get this cream by boiling the milk.

As you can see, they are very simple and easy tricks to prepare at home, so that we can show off beautiful lips.

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