The Surprising Weight Loss Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga: Yoga helps keep fit but above all to regain calm and balance, keeping away all sources of stress.

Losing a few extra pounds is one of the most common goals among people who frequent gyms and many wonders if yoga can be a profitable weight loss activity.

Although today people often consider yoga as a form of gymnastics, an alternative to other fitness activities and therefore capable of promoting weight loss as other workouts, this discipline is very useful for weight loss.

Yoga, in addition to working on the body, also works on the mind and it is precisely the latter that allows it to achieve a psychophysical balance and, therefore, burn the so-called “extra pounds”.

The main causes of this problem are sedentary lifestyle and laziness, aspects that yoga tends to combat. Thanks to the numerous positions, in fact, the body wakes up and slowly finds its balance, often lost after years of inactivity.

Yoga benefits: Balance between body and mind

The strength of yoga is that it considers the person as a whole, so it helps to achieve harmony between the body and the psycho-emotional sphere.


According to this discipline, each individual is imbued with vital energy and the prerequisite for well-being and health is that it circulates correctly. There are many effective techniques for maintaining the body’s energy balance, from physical exercise to breath control. These techniques lead to yoga, although they are not always used together, and each has its own role in promoting harmony and serenity in practitioners.

Detoxification and slimming effect

There are positions with detoxifying effect or characterized by turns that stimulate the proper functioning of the digestive system, improving metabolism, and there are asanas such as the Barca, the Triangle or the Cobra, which make the muscles work deeply, favoring the firmness of the body. But the slimming effect of yoga must be sought in its holistic and re-harmonizing potential. Those who practice yoga also lose weight gradually, but not because they have done a super-fast fat-burning job, but because they are well, calmer with themselves and ready to put their hand on lifestyle and many good habits daily.

Other Reasons

  • Yoga is a long-term love that helps slowly but continuously to achieve a healthier body than the different structures of each one allows. As you get older, you often tend to gain weight, and over time, with yoga, you tend to lose and maintain weight.
  • By improving sleep, you often avoid running to the fridge in the middle of the night.
  • By learning to use the body and put it to work, we can recognize and distinguish anxiety and all the emotions we often confused with hunger, helping us understand when it is not the body that asks for food but our emotions. In this case, a glass of water has the same effect but many more benefits.

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