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How to Treat Osteoarthritis


If your body is sending you messages, listen to it, listen to it! Do not ignore its messages, they are the signal that something is not working as it should.

If you have joint pain or joint limitation when performing the movements, and you are over 40 years old, it is advisable that you go to your doctor to confirm if you have osteoarthritis or not. In some cases, the disease has caused degeneration and bone deformations, the longer a musculoskeletal injury lasts, the more likely it is that you will suffer osteoarthritis over time, make sure to recover 100% of the injuries, do not miss the time waiting to see if it recovers on its own, this is one of the main mistakes we usually make.


Osteoarthritis, is the most common joint disorder along with arthritis is inflammation and deterioration of the articular cartilage which causes the bones to wear away, at the time that the cartilage is deteriorated, the bones react and creates the growth of osteocytes, causing deformation of the joint.

This degenerative disease is more common in adults, especially from the age of 40, when the body begins to slow down. From the 70s or 80s, bones and cartilage are no longer fed as when we were younger, so almost all people at these ages have already developed this disease, both men and women, that is, it is not an inevitable component of aging.

The articular areas that suffer the most are the joints of the fingers, the hip, the shoulders, the knees and the vertebrae of the spine.


The most likely causes are from repetitive joint movements for consecutive years; from being overweight; putting too much pressure on the joints increases the risk; from blows or injuries caused by accidents; for consecutive impacts on the joints; such as running (runing); in the case of women, by menopause; in the case of men, due to rigidities and lack of elasticity; Metabolic diseases; infections; etc…


Studies affirm that performing weekly hours of moderate exercise reduces the risk of mobility disability, and this has its logic, the human body is like a machine, to which the longer it remains immobilized, the more it will cost after starting, so a tip What I give you is, that you do not let the pain prevent you and limit what you want to do, by this I mean that perhaps you go a little slower and you cannot do the same things that you did at the same rate, but do not stop your body, a sedentary life with a disease like this, will only make you worse. Force yourself to move, don’t let the joints stop performing their function more and more.

Home Remedies That Work

Osteoarthritis is an irreversible disease so it is important that you do not wait for others to try to solve your problem, but you can receive help and do something for yourself and slow down its progress.

  • Aside from the exercise we mentioned earlier, performing gentle anesthetic massages by repeatedly rubbing the area very superficially, could help reduce pain and drain excess fluid accumulated in the area. We can take advantage of and apply some ointment or cream that helps reduce pain.
  • See a masseuse or physical therapist from time to time to perform a discharge massage on the muscles adjacent to the suffering joint, and keep your tendons and ligaments flexible.
  • Performs mobilizations on the joint in all directions, flexion/extension, laterality, rotation, pronation/supination, … to help lubricate the joint. Do it several times a day.
  • Practice rehabilitation exercises to help gain more mobility to the joint. Being the body warm (neck in the cold) we will do stretching exercises to gain elasticity and take the pressure off the joint.
  • Lastly, a honey clay poultice can go a long way to ease pain and reduce swelling. The preparation is as simple as taking a soup spoon of honey that you have at home (better if it does not have syrup) and adding it in a glass, then we can use any clay (better the green one) in powder and add it to the glass with honey until it stays like a paste. Once the poultice is done, we will apply it to the articular area that suffers from osteoarthritis and let it rest the longer the better. If the poultice is very runny, you can always add a little more clay or you can cover the area with plastic wrap.

This is not going to be a piece of cake, it takes a lot of consistency and awareness. It really is like taking habits for life for your care. GET QUALITY OF LIFE, TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING !! Your body will thank you.

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